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Get your clients in shape and take the gym to their screens!

A new, differentiating and fresh audiovisual service that gives users the chance to exercise wherever and whenever they want,
at their own pace and without any schedules, on the screen of any device.


What is GymBoCo?

There's an increasing tendency in people's awareness of the need of incorporating healthy habits in their daily life, whether as a balanced diet, whether in the regular practice of some physical activity, or even both. On the other hand, we know that finding a moment to dedicating it to carry out that physical activity is quite complex within our busy lives.

GymBodyCoach (GymBoCo) is born with the intention of giving answer to a growing market, and that will undoubtedly report many benefits the end users. We offer high quality audiovisual content to satisfy that demand in our market.

GymBoCo is a high-quality audio visual brand and service that aims to promote healthy living and well-being. Users can overcome any barriers that might prevent them from going to the gym given that they do not have to go any further than their own living rooms to kick start their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

GymBoCo’s main selling point is that it can bring the gym to the users’ homes, providing them access to 19 different disciplines and catering for all tastes and targets. The activities offered range from a wide variety of dance classes to up-and-coming disciplines such as cross, HIIT, boot camp and combat as well as more conventional activities including yoga, pilates and balance to name just a few. The programme offers disciplines for all the family, regardless of their age. All the content is produced in 4K along with high-quality music.

How is Gymboco offered?

The features provided by GymBoCo allow it to fit in perfectly with a SVOD business model. However, thanks to its versatile content structure, it can also be adapted to other business models including VOD, IPTV, FREE TV, etc. for all TV operators and channels. It aims to attract new subscribers and build customer loyalty something that will undoubtedly improve its ratings and will provide an alternative option to meet society’s growing interest in fitness.

Benefits for your business

Get away from your competitor offering a high-quality distinguishing product.

New, differentiating and built to foster loyalty

A new way to play sports from the screen of any device. Given that playing sports has to be done in a regular basis, providing this service to the end users helps promoting customer loyalty.


For all platforms

Though we believe that SVOD is the optimal format, our product is also available for VOD, IPTV, Free TV or any other kind of platform.


For any kind of business

We believe that our contents are perfect for different types of businesses, among them: carriers, TV channels, hotels, gyms, etc…


Great benefits for the users

Besides the obvious benefits related directly with health, it's an affordable service, for all ages, with no schedules, and without leaving home.

The contents

Thought to give complete liberty to the users. With no schedules and at their own pace.
Getting in shape was never so easy.


4K Production

All our contents have been produced in 4K by ourselves, in-house, so we have worldwide rights.


Great musical quality

Our sessions always include well known musical tracks of the best record labels.


Overcoming the barriers

Because our service implies playing sports at home, we achieve overcoming the barriers for not going to the gym, like being far away, it's price, being boring, or the shyness of practicing some disciplines


Guided sessions

Our trainers perform their guided sessions so that the end user doesn't feel alone. Specially in the hardest moments of the training.


Adapted to the latest fitness trends.

We include disciplines like dancing, yoga, pilates, fitness, etc… and up to the most modern like combat, cross, hiit, animal training… And we're always evolving!.


6 exercise rooms

It's our way of putting disciplines into an order. We even have a room for the youngers at home, and another one for the elderly. GymBoCo is thought for all the family, and for all ages.


19 disciplines

Great variety of disciplines so that playing sports is not boring. Besides, there are disciplines for all the family to enjoy together, like dancing with kids, or disciplines to help the older ones at home to age slower.


15, 30 and 45 minutes sessions

We know how hard it is to find a moment in our busy lifes to play sports. Our service offers 15, 30 and 45 minutes sessions.


5 intensity levels

The higher the intensity, the tougher the training.


3 difficulty levels

Higher levels of difficulty imply more technical exercises.


20 trainers

All our trainers are qualified with expertise in their disciplines.


Preventing injuries

All our sessions include warming up at the beginnig, and stretching at the end, therefore preventing injuries.

The disciplines

We offer a great variety of disciplines so that getting in shape doesn't become boring.


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